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The Icelandic Philatelic Federation will during June, 8th to 10th 2018 be arranging a Nordic philatelic exhibition. The exhibition carries the name Nordia 2018, which is in accordance with a long standing Nordic tradition.
Nordia 2018 is the seventh Nordic philatelic exhibition arranged in Iceland, but the IPF has participated in these internordic exhibitions more or less ever since 1978.
The first Nordic exhibition arranged by the IPF was Nordia 84 (1984). Later came the Nordia 91, Nordia 96, Nordia 2003, Nordia 2009 and Nordia 2013. These exhibitions were arranged with great success in Reykjavík, in Hafnarfjörður and in Garðarbær. This time the exhibition will again be arranged in Garðabær, near to Reykjavík. The exhibition committee hopes the exhibition will be successful and that collectors in member clubs of the Nordic National Federations as well as
members of the Scandinavian Collectors Club in USA prepare their exhibits in such a way that visitors to the exhibition can view the widely interesting cultural content of the collecting of stamps.


On behalf of the exhibition committee of the Nordia 2018 I sincerely welcome all guests to this great Nordic philatelic feast.


Sigurður R. Pétursson
Chairman of the exhibition committee.