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Special   Regulations for Nordia 2018

1. The Nordic Philatelic Exhibition Nordia 2018 takes place in the town of Garðabær.

2. Responsibility, time and venue

The Icelandic Philatelic Federation (Landssamband íslenzkra frímerkjasafnara) will arrange the Nordic Philatelic Exhibition NORDIA 2018 (in cooperation with its member societies). The venue is Ásgarður (Sports Hall) in Garðabær and the exhibi­tion is open from 8 June to 10 June 2018.

The exhibition will be held with the recognition of the Federation of European Philatelic Associations(FEPA).                       


3. Regulations

The exhibition is governed by these Special Regulations and the Regulations for Nordic Philatelic Exhibitions as approved by the Nordic Federation presidents in Garðabær 6 June 2013.


           4. Exhibition classes

  4.1         Non-competitive classes (by invitation)

4.1.1      Court of Honour

4.1.2      Official class

4.1.3      Jury class

  1. Competition classes

4.2.1      Championship class

4.2.2      Traditional philately

4.2.3      Postal history

4.2.4      Postal stationery

4.2.5      Aerophilately

4.2.6      Astrophilately

4.2.7      Revenues

4.2.8      Thematic philately

4.2.9      Maximaphilately

4.2.10    Open class

4.2.11    Postcards

4.2.12    Youth philately

4.2.13    Philatelic literature


For the classes 4.2.2–4.2.11 exhibits are grouped into

      A.     National group: Iceland

  1.  Nordic group: All other Nordic countries and areas (including DWI before 1917, Faeroe Islands,  Greenland and  Åland)

C.   International group: All other countries and areas including Astrophilately, The­matic philately, Maximaphilately and Open class.

D.   One frame exhibits will be evaluated in appropriate classes (except Youth Philately).


The Championship class is for exhibits that

during the period 2008-2017 have:

>     In any three separate years received three

       gold medals/large gold medals at a Nordic (NORDIA) or FIP/ FEPA exhibitions

                   >     Or received a National, Nordic or Interna­tional Grand Prix at a Nordic (NORDIA) exhibition, regardless of the number of medals above.

Excluded from participation in the Championship Class are exhibits that during the previous ten calendar years before the NORDIA Exhibition have won the Championship Class at Nordic, FEPA or FIP exhibitions. Literature exhibits cannot participate in the Championship class.

The Literature class can also be entered b.v philatelic publications made for multimedia and computer applications.

The class for Youth philately is subdivided according to age, like this:

> Age group A: Up to 15 years

> Age group B: 16–18 years

> Age group C: 19–21 years

           The age group is determined by the age at 1 January 2018.

           In the Open class up to 50% of the mate­rial can be nonphilatelic.


5. Exhibition frames

This exhibition provides the common Nordic frames in format 87 x 119 cm to accommo­ date 4x4 sheets of maximum size 24 x 30 cm.

In the Championship class 4.2.1 exhibits are given from 5 and up to a maximum of 8 frames.

In the Competition classes 4.2.2–4.2.11 exhibits are given from 5 up to a maximum of 8 frames.

In the class for Youth philately 4.2.12 the number of frames is as follows

>  Age group A: min. 2 and max. 4 frames

>  Age group B: min. 3 and max. 5 frames   

>  Age group C: min. 4 and max. 5 frames


6. Medals, prizes and diplomas

Participants in Non-competitive classes receive a large vermeil medal.

>  The winner in the Championship class (4.2.1) is awarded the prize for Nordic Champion. All exhibits participating in the Championship class are awarded a large gold medal.

National Grand Prix is awarded by the jury to the best exhibit of the National group (group A).

Nordic Grand Prix is awarded by the jury to the best exhibit of the Nordic group (group B).

International Grand Prix is awarded by the jury to the best exhibit of the Interna­­tional group (group C).

* Grand Prix can only be awarded if the exhibit during evaluation has obtained a large gold or a gold medal. Exhibits awarded a Grand Prix are also, depending on the score, awarded a large gold or gold medal.

> For the classes 4.2.1–4.2.11 and 4.2.13 the fol­lowing medals are available: large gold, gold, large vermeil, vermeil, large silver, silver, silver bronze and bronze medals.


> For the Youth class 4.2.12 the following medals are available: gold (only in age class C), large vermeil, vermeil, large silver, silver, silver bronze and bronze medals. Exhibits not obtaining a bronze medal, can receive a Diploma (according to the FIP Special Regulations for Youth Philately).

> Exhibits not obtaining a medal (or Diploma in the class for Youth philately) will receive a Certificate of participation.

> All exhibits in the Competition classes are also given a certificate giving the medal grade and points awarded the exhibit.

> Exhibits in the classes 4.2.2–4.2.13 can in addition to the medal be awarded special

prizes by the jury.

> All medals may be replaced by an object of art.


7. Participation and qualification

Entitled to participate in NORDIA 2018, are members of member societies in the

National Federations or Youth Federations of the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Members of the Scandinavian Collectors Club in USA can also participate in the exhibition.

The qualification for participation is that the exhibit has been awarded a minimum of 70 points at an exhibition at national level. In the class for Youth philately though, the qualification is a minimum of 60 points in age group A and 65 points in age groups B and C. For exhibits in the Literature class no previous award is required. The Exhibi­tion Committee can, on request from the national commissioner, accept exhibits that do not qualify according to the rules given above.


The exhibitors must appreciate that they are only allowed to show objects owned by themselves in their exhibits. The major part of the exhibit shall have been the property of the exhibitor for at least two years before the exhibition.

Participants may exhibit under pseu­ donym. The identity of the exhibitor shall though be known to the Exhibition Com­ mittee and the jury.

Jury members, jury apprentices, family members or employees of a jury member or a jury apprentice cannot participate in a com­petition class.


8. Applications

All participating countries have appointed a commissioner to handle the applications from the respective country.

For each exhibit an application form is required, sent through the appropriate national commissioner. The application

forms, together with the exhibit's introduc-

tory page or plan, shall be sent to the respective commissioner no later than 15 January 2018 and be received by the Exhibition Committee no later than 1 Febru­

ary 2018. Together with the application, the exhibitor can also submit a synopsis of the exhibit. The highest number of pages allowed to be submitted is three A4 pages written on one side.

The Exhibition Committee will inform about accepted exhibits and number of frames given, by 20 February 2018 at the latest.

The exhibition catalogue will show the

title given in the application form. In addi-

tion a brief description can be given for the catalogue.

The Exhibition Committee can

without any explanations, accept or reject


applications. The decisions of the commit­

tee are communicated through the respective commissioner.


9. Fees

Participation fee in the Competition classes

4.2.1–4.2.11 is € 30 per frame. One frame exhibits the fee is € 30 In the Literature class 4.2.13 the fee is € 30 per entry. VAT is included.

In the class for Youth philately 4.2.12 there is no participation fee.

Every exhibitor will receive – free of

charge – two entrance tickets for the entire

exhibition, one exhibition catalogue and a

list of results (palmarès).


10.  Obligations for exhibitors

All communication between an exhibitor in the Competition classes and the exhibition management or jury, shall go through the respective commissioner.

Stamp catalogues or journals exhibited

in the Literature class, shall be published in

2016 or later. All other literature shall be pub-

lished in 2013 or later.

All exhibits in the Literature class remains the

property of the exhibition after the show.

Every sheet of an exhibit shall be inserted

in a see-through, protective cover and num­ bered. Exhibits without such protection will not be mounted. The sheets belonging to a certain frame, shall be inserted in a frame envelope, which will be delivered to every exhibitor in good time before the exhibition

is to take place. It is recommended that the name of the exhibitor is shown at the back of each individual sheet.

Beyond literature and sheets to be shown in frames, NORDIA 2018 will not accept any other material.


                     11.  Mounting and delivery of exhibits

                     Exhibits in the Literature class should be sent to the exhibition in two copies, and should reach the exhibition no later than
                    1 March 2018.

Exhibits that are not handed in personally or through the commissioner should prefer­ably be sent by mail. They should reach the exhibition in the period from 27 May to 5 June 2018. Personal delivery of exhibits can take place until 6 June 2018 at 1300 hours. Exhibitors, or their representative holding a proxy from the exhibitor, can upon delivery of their exhibit on the 6 of June 2018 make an agreement with the exhibition management and be allowed to mount their own exhibit. In all other instances the exhibition man­agement takes the responsibility of mounting the exhibit. Exhibitors, or their representative holding a proxy from the exhibitor, can make anagreement with the exhibition management and be allowed to dismount and remove their own exhibit, after the exhibition is closed on 10 June 2018. Provided that the Commissioner arranges a joint transport of exhibits, each exhibitor is entitled to free transport of the exhibit from the exhibition to the Commissioner.  Exhibits that are not collected on 10 June will be returned by mail, at the exhibitor’s expense, shortly after the exhibi­­tion. Exhibitors dismounting their exhibit personally will sign for the receipt of the exhibit. Complaints about the condition of the exhibit will not be accepted later. All exhibitors will be notified when their exhibit is received.If an exhibit is not received within the time limits given above, the exhibitor is not entitled to participate in the exhibition. The frame fee is not refunded.


12. Customs regulations

Information about required customs decla­ rations will be sent to the exhibitor via the  commissioner together with the message of acceptance of the exhibit for the exhibition.


13. Jury

Exhibits in the Competition classes will be judged by a jury approved by the Icelandic Philatelic Federation (Landssamband íslenz­ kra frímerkjasafnara).

The jury can, without consulting the exhibitor, transfer an exhibit from one Com­ petition class to another.

The jury is in its evaluation independent of earlier results obtained by the exhibit. The decisions of the jury are definitive and cannot be appealed.

The work of the jury is carried out accord­ ing to the rules laid out by FIP in the Regula­ tions for Evaluation of Exhibits (GREV and SREV). The Open class will be judged in accordance to the FEPA Open regulations. Postcards will be judged in accordance with the FEPA Special regulations for Picture postcards.

If the jury in an exhibit discovers manipu­lated, faked or improved objects without a proper description of this fact in the exhibit, the exhibit may be downgraded at least one medal. A report on this will be sent to the exhibitor and the respective Federa­tion.

The jury and the Exhibition Committee have the right to let experts inspect objects in any exhibit. The respective commissioner should always be present for such an inspec­ tion.


14.  Security  matters

The Exhibition Committee will take all necessary measures to survey exhibits during the exhibition, but will not accept responsi­ bility for any damage caused to the exhibits. It remains the exhibitor's responsibility to have an insurance for the exhibit both during transportation to and from the exhibition, as well as during the exhibition.


                     15. Changes and inconsistencies

The Exhibition Committee has the privi­lege to modify these Special Regulations. Exhibitors should be informed about this as soon as possible if it happens. The Exhibition Committee also holds the privilege to make  final decisions in questions that cannot be resolved through these Special Regulations, the Regulations for Nordic Philatelic Exhibitions or the General Regulations of the FIP for Exhibitions (GREX). The exhibitor approves these Special Regulations and is obliged to follow them by signing the application form. Any juridical disputes should be handled according to Icelandic law in an Icelandic court.

The exhibition mail address is:



P.O.BOX 8753

128 Reykjavík